Create the Perfect Ceramic Tile


Tips for Installing a Ceramic Tile Floor

Installing a ceramic tile floor is never an easy task, but can be made simple by following a few simple tips and acquiring all of the right tools for the job. Below are 7 steps to help you create the perfect tile floor for your home.

1. Always lay out your tiles first without adhesive to see how well the tiles place together. By using adhesive right away you are permanently placing the tiles and risking a bad setup.

2. Remove any cove molding or base board molding from the floor.

3. Using a self-leveling compound will help give you a smooth, flat surface.

4. Use guide boards instead of chalk lines. Guide boards do not allow tiles to shift.

5. Always clean up your mess right away. Use a utility knife to clean out any excess thin set off of the tiles.

6. Use a diamond blade on your grinder for beautifully made cuts that other tools cannot complete.

7. Important tools to have for this job are an angle grinder, drill, nippers, framing square, grout float, knee pads, utility knife and a trowel.