Create the Perfect Ceramic Tile


Projects for Leftover Ceramic Pieces

It is always best to ensure there are enough tiles when doing a large ceramic project, but it often leaves a few pieces when finished. Throwing them out is a costly way to live, so it is best to come up with one or two additional projects where the tiles will be useful. Small projects around the house can be fun for the entire family, or they can be an artistic expression of just one person. Either way, using the tiles will make the original job cost effective.

Small end tables are often void of colorful decorations, and using leftover tiles can change that. It does depend on the tiles used, but many can be combined to create a lovely top for any small table. Garden areas are a good place to put a table with a top that will stand up to the weather, but common areas of many houses are another good choice. Wear and tear on ceramic tiles doesn’t show up for years, and it makes sense to take advantage of this property.

Art projects are always a fun way to decorate, and some tiles may be broken during the original installation. Saving them to make a small mural is a good way to keep decorating costs low, and framing the piece will make it a keepsake for the entire family. If only one color of tile is used, it can be mixed with other media or paints, but storing tiles from several projects might make a stunning piece of wall art.

There are many uses for leftover ceramic tiles, and it only takes a bit of imagination to apply them. A small pathway can be adorned, or a child’s room can have an area that is specifically defined for play. No matter their purpose, using them in unique ways and areas is a good way to ensure all the tiles find a useful life.